NH Real Estate License Process and Information

NH Real Estate Commission

7 Eagle Square, Concord, NH 03301
Phone: (603) 271-2219
Website: NH Real Estate Commission

Verani School of Real Estate

School Code: 0544
Real Estate Pre-licensing Course Approval: P051
Register for NH Pre-Licensing Course
Phone: (603) 845-1250

For specific information about the NH Salesperson licensing process, please refer to the NH Real Estate Program – Examination Candidate Information Bulletin effective 01/09/23 .

You will need to complete the required 40 hour NH Real Estate Commission Accredited Salesperson pre-licensing course before taking your exam. When you finish this course, you will receive an affidavit signed by your instructor confirming your completion. Be sure to keep a copy of the affidavit as you will need it for the test and for activating your NH Salesperson license. You should also keep a copy of all the pre-licensing forms, and payments for your records.

Please be aware that you have 6 months from the start of your pre-licensing class to take the exam for your NH real estate license. We encourage you to take the exam as soon as possible.  Once you register for the exam, you must take the NH Salesperson license exam within 3 months of the registration date.

The NH Salesperson Pre-Licensing course affidavit, application and fee is to be emailed to PSI and once that has been processed by PSI, you will be able to create an account and schedule your exam.

The NH Salesperson Exams are administered only by appointment  Monday through Saturday at H&R Block PSI Assessment Centers.  You may also take the NH Salesperson licensing exam at an out-of-state PSI Assessment Center if this is more convenient. Please ask for a Mortgage Factor Chart prior to starting the exam. The testing center will provide that upon request and there are possibly a couple of questions that will require using it.

A computerized printout of your results for both the National and NH specific sections are given to you directly after you complete the exam. If you do not pass both the National and NH Specific portions or either one of those portions of the exam, you must retake the failed portion(s). You will need to complete a new NH Salesperson exam registration form including your NH Salesperson Exam results printout, fees and email them to PSI.

Congratulations! You passed both the National and NH specific portions to the NH Salesperson exam. You will then need to complete the NH Salesperson’s License application with your Broker to be able to continue to obtain your NH real estate license. Please be honest and thorough. Licensee’s get called before the NH Real Estate Commission frequently because of untrue or misinterpreted answers on the licensing application form. Call the NH Real Estate Commission if you have any questions. You may mail the NH Salesperson License application form along with the fee (made payable to: Treasurer, State of NH) or personally deliver them to the NH Real Estate Commission. You must apply for your NH Salesperson within 6 months of passing the examination regardless of whether you decide to be active or inactive. An updated NH Salesperson Exam License Application is sent to all  Verani School of Real Estate attendees.

Also, please remember to send the Criminal Record Release Authorization Form to the NH State Police with a fee of $25 (made payable to: State of NH-Criminal Records). The form can be found at the NH Real Estate Commissions website under forms and other documents.

If you exceed any of the NH Salesperson exam and licensing time limitations mandated by the NH Real Estate Commission, the NH Real Estate Commission may require you to retake the 40 hour pre-license course, and/or re-take the NH Salesperson exam, and would include paying for all the associated fees.

Please reach out to Monika McGillicuddy if you have any questions at all regarding the NH licensing process.


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