2021 Verani School of Real Estate Updates

Written By Monika McGillicuddy

December 29, 2020


Wishing you all a very healthy and happy New Year!

At this point in time all of our NH Real Estate Pre-Licensing classes are being held virtually via the Zoom platform. We have several class starts, identified as Options, posted on our school calendar, that start in January 2021 including a weekend option. Our fee for the entire course remains the same and includes all course materials.

In March, the course fee will increase but will still include all course materials. Currently in-person classes are not proposed until Spring/Summer 2021 and that is contingent on the lifting of the governor’s emergency order.

Real Estate continues to be very active and there is no better time than now to take advantage of our low course rate by signing up today. Below are the sign up links, simply select your Option and get started today.

Starting in 2021

Jan 11th Option 1 (day classes) P – https://bit.ly/34d7uIe

Jan 5th Option 2 (eve classes) J – https://bit.ly/3dLz2Yg

Jan 25th Option 3 (day classes) J – https://bit.ly/3kgl6YX

Jan 26th Option 4 (eve classes) P – https://bit.ly/3dK30w7

Jan 16th Option 5 (Saturday Classes) P- https://bit.ly/3kAguwO

Feb 16th Option 6 (eve classes) J- https://bit.ly/2Iv3ye0

Feb 22nd Option 7 (day classes) P- https://bit.ly/2VV8dsB

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